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Potso Pug Meet up!

 Chewie getting loved on.  Vader's turn to get some love.  Chewie was not the biggest pug at the meet up.  We met Yoda the Frenchie today.  And there was a baby at the meet up!
  This is done by Nathan Petz down at Vertigo. He has some amazing art.

3/3/12 Meet Up

More pictures from the Pug Meetup this morning...Collapse )
Super big black pug

 Dan and Chewie
 This dog had the cutest walk. His front feet were so wide!
 The one playing dead comes from Florida and is a rescue, this was his first meet up with the group.
 Quigly! He found a new love this meet up and was not interested in the Chewie. Chewie getting some exercise in.  Pug on a mission!  "No you run first..no you..."Smoosh face pug!  Two against one...boys against girls... Puppy shenanigans!

Pug Meetup!!!

The Portland Pug March Meetup

The Portland Pug Meetup Group

Saturday, March 3, 2012
10:00 AM

Potso Dog Park
7930 SW Hunziker Street
Tigard, OR 97223

There is a pug meet up...its at a friends house...its a rsvp type of deal...there is a bbq...if you have a pug and want to get more info let me know.

Sunday 4 pm in SE...easy to find...let me know if you want to know more.